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API training Ltd
Practical Driver Training Day
One on one vehicle training for your drivers. On the job training inclusive of defensive driving techniques, daily vehicle checks, safe loading and unloading etc;
7 hours DCPC entitlement
Petroleum Spirit Training Course
It is the responsibility of the retail filling station to ensure that anyone employed to receive petrol deliveries must show competence gained by a combination of training and experience. Our petrol and fuel training course gives you s better chance of avoiding accidents and delays.
Practical on board training for oil distribution drivers
API training Ltd are experts in the safe working practices of ADR road tanker operations. This includes all on board equipment for domestic deliveries, commercial deliveries, retail deliveries and marine deliveries.
7 hours DCPC entitlement
  Working Safely (Initial)
Working safely is all about working in ways that reduce the chance of you being injured, or injuring someone else. Danaging your health, or dsamaging someone else's.
DCPC 3.5 hour module