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Developing Crisis as Driver CPC Deadline Edges Closer
With less than 18 months left in which to get all professional LGV drivers through their Driver CPC qualification, and just 7 months for PCV drivers,the industry is still dragging it's heels.
 Statistics from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) show that new entrants to the industry who have gained the qualification by examination, now outnumber experienced drivers who have acheived the qualification by training, and all the signs for a potential backlog of unqualified drivers will reach a crisis point at the end of 2013 and certainly into the summer of 2014. This is a view supported by all transport authorities.
Among own account drivers, only 1 in 10 have even heard of Driver CPC qualification.
The DSA states that nearly six million hours of periodic training has been logged. It is estimated that training needs to be delivered at an average rate of 3.5 million hours per year, so to date there is already a shortfall of 1.7 million hours so far. The DSA has issued approximately 21,856 qualification cards, while 29,025 have been issued through new licence acquisition.
There is a legal requirement for all professional LGV drivers to complete 35 hours training by 9th September 2014, and the clock is ticking away for all of the UK's drivers to to take the necessary training, as bookings will become more difficult between now and 2014 with latecomers panic booking, some of which has started.
Some Misconseptions about the Driver CPC
1) Its not going to happen
Yes it is. The legislation is already in force
2) Its nothing to do with me; its my drivers responsibilty to organise and pay for their training.
Yes, it is ultimately your drivers responsibility to ensure that they are qualified to do their jobs. But if you employ drivers who are not qualified, then you are committing an offence too, and its one that will put your operators licence in jeopardy
3) Theres usually a soft touch enforcement when legislation comes in, so there is no need to worry yet
True. But you are in that period now, with less than 3 years for all LGV drivers in the UK to get qualified.
4) My drivers will not want to take exams
They will not have to. There is no examination element stipulated for in the training.
5) It will not apply to part time drivers
It does. There are a few exceptions, the usual Fire and Emergency services, or armed forces.